Napanee Cabinet Canisters

Napanee canisters were sold exclusively with Napanee Kitchen Cabinets.

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Napanee Amber Coffee Jar

Napanee Amber Tea Jar

Napanee Amber Spice Jar

Napanee Amber Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar

A very nice amber coffee jar with just the normal bubbles and straw-marks. In very good condition with no chips or cracks to report. 

Item No. 2068

An amber tea with one small bruise above the front arch on the right side. It also has a few pieces of carbon and straw-marks in the glass which is normal for glass of this age.

Item No. 1923

A nice small sized jar with one tiny chip at the base of the threads and another larger 1/2" long chip/fracture on the back left ribbing. Jar will still display beautifully.

Item No. 1924

A very hard to find amber sugar jar with it's original lid and rack. There are no chips or cracks in this at all, but it does have a larger piece of carbon that was encased entirely inside the glass when it was made and some very minor scratches. I will include an original tin sugar scoop with this jar.

Item No. 2534





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