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1914-15 Hoosier "White Beauty" Cabinet

This cabinet is equipped with solid front doors rather than the more common side roll doors. It has an extract rack and hooks for can opener, ice book and milk bottle opener on the upper right door. There is a cook book holder on the center door (and a bunch of my glassware on the interior shelves that is not included). Behind the upper left door is the flour bin with a sliding top and viewing glass. In the top lower portion there is a rolling pin holder, the flour sifter head and hooks for utensils.

The lower section has a pull out bread board, a wooden utensil drawer and three metal pull out drawers (the lower bread drawer is missing it's lid). The large lower door has a lid rack and there is a sliding tray in the lower section. The metal pull out work surface has some dings and a few small tears, but is in good shape for a 90 year old item. 

The interior of the cabinet could probably use a coat of paint but I'll leave that up to the new owner to decide. All of the wood on this unit is original, the bottom interior wood on the base unit is starting to lift, but not bad enough to warrant replacement in my opinion. There is one area on the top right side about 2" by 1/2" long that must have been damaged at one time and has been filled with putty.

I would like to sell this item to someone within a 100 mile radius of Concord NH and I am offering free delivery within that area. Please email me if you would like to arrange for a viewing of the cabinet.


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Hoosier Parts Original

Extract Rack Cleaned

10.5" Width

 2.5" Height

1.75" Depth

Extract Rack Cleaned

10" Width

5.25" Height

1.25" Depth

Extract Rack

10.5" Width

5" Height

1.5" Depth

Coin Tray

10.25" Width

1.25" Height

2" Depth

$35 Sold $35 $35
ExtractRack2.jpg (37768 bytes) ExtractRack1.jpg (36522 bytes) ExtractRack.jpg (37117 bytes) CoinTrayRusty.jpg (39086 bytes)

Compartment Tray Cleaned

10.5" Width

2" Height

1.5" Depth

Compartment Tray - Small Pin Holes

10.25" Width

2" Height

1.75" Depth

Spice Jar/Rolling Pin Rack Cleaned

12.25" Width

6.25" Height

3" Depth

Rolling Pin Rack

11.5" Width

2.25" Height

2.5" Depth

$35 $20


CompartmentTray.jpg (37209 bytes) CompartmentTrayRusty.jpg (39385 bytes) SpiceJarRollPinRack.jpg (38472 bytes) RollPinHold.jpg (37100 bytes)

Sliding Shelf

21" Width

21.25 Depth

Towel Rack

21.75" Width

2.25" Depth

$50 $30
SlidingShelf2.jpg (41447 bytes) TowelRack.jpg (41224 bytes)


Hoosier Parts Reproduction  

(We can special order many other Hoosier Cabinet replacement parts, e-mail us with your needs.)

Cook Book Holder

8.5" Width

5.25" Depth

Sliding Shelf

21" Width

14.25" Depth

Sold $35
NewCookBookHold.jpg (38336 bytes) NewSlidingShelf1.jpg (39756 bytes)

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