Hoosier Zipper Canisters

Zipper Canisters were never offered as standard canister set when a cabinet was purchased, but were instead offered as an upgrade. Not many people of this era were willing or able to spend the extra money for a premium canister set, making Zipper one of the harder to find style of canisters. Many of the earlier canisters have a purple tint because of the use of manganese as a clarifying agent prior to 1917.

Early Zipper

Early Zipper Canisters Early Zipper Coffee Early Zipper Tea Early Zipper Spice
  $70 - $ 85 $ 65 - 75 $35 - $45


Later Zipper

Later Zipper Canisters Later Zipper Coffee Later Zipper Tea Later Zipper Spice
  $50 - $65 $45 - $60 $30 - 40


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