Sellers Triple Skip Canisters

Sellers Triple Skip style canisters were used exclusively by Sellers in their kitchen cabinets. They are called Triple Skip because of the pattern of three ribs and then a skipped (blank) space on the glass. Sellers measuring cups are available with other measuring cups on this page.

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Triple Skip Canisters

Triple Skip Coffee Triple Skip Tea Triple Skip Ringed Spice Triple Skip Spice
  $45 - $50 $40 - $45 $20 - $23 $17 - $20


2046TripleSkipRackWSaltA.JPG (46414 bytes)

Sellers Triple Skip Rack Set

A complete, Sellers triple skip rack set with six spice jars (two shakers and four solid lids), open salt and original rack. All in good shape with no chips or cracks and some minimal denting of the original lids. The rack was painted white at some time and I have decided to leave it as is.

Item No. 2046




SellersFlipTopSpiceA.JPG (38725 bytes)

Sellers Triple Skip Flip Top Jar Set

This is a very hard jar to find one at a time, but this is a complete set of seven jars comprised of five flip tops and two shaker lids. This set is in "as found" condition in that I only washed the one jar that didn't have a label on it so you can see how nicely they'll clean up. There is some very minor surface rust on a couple of the lids but no chips or cracks in the glass..

Item No. 


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