Hoosier Cabinet Mission Style Canisters

Mission style canisters would have to be the second most widely distributed style of canister. Rectangular mission was one of the earliest glass sets produced for Hoosier Cabinets. These were only used for a short period of time and so are very scarce today. The later Mission canisters were produced  with either an embossed label (coffee, tea, salt or blank) or the labels were acid etched onto the glass.

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Early Rectangular Mission

Early Rectangular Mission Canisters Early Rectangular Mission Coffee Early Rectangular Mission Tea Early Rectangular Mission Spice Early Rectangular Mission Button Top Spice
  $95 - $140 $85 - $130 $35 - $65 $35 - $65


Early Rectangular Mission Complete Set

This is a complete 11 piece set of Early Rectangular Mission Style Glassware. This glassware was used in Hoosier Cabinets that were produced right around 1912. It is a very difficult set to find because it was used for such a short time period.

These jars all have their original lids and are in very good shape for being almost 100 years old. These jars were quickly and cheaply made so there are always some imperfections in the glass itself. All of the lips on these jars were ground at the factory when they were made.

The only things to report are a small chip that does not go through to the interior on the back lower right corner of one of the button top (round lid) spice jars, some roughness and discoloration around the top rim of the salt box, and the threads on the coffee lid are worn so that although it will tighten, it will rotate past the point where it should tighten and stop.



Early Round Mission Salt

This salt does have some areas in the base where the glass didn't flow properly when it was made but it is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Item No. 4092


Early Round Mission Salt

This salt is in good condition other than a small chipped area on the right hand side which is shown when you click on the picture.

Item No. 4093



Traditional Mission

Traditional Mission Canisters Traditional Mission Coffee Traditional Mission Blank Label Traditional Mission Tea Traditional Mission Low Ringed Spice Traditional Mission Mid Ring Spice Traditional Mission Spice
  $35 - $45 $30 - $40 $30 - $40 $23 - $26 $18 - $22 $17 - $20

Stippled Mission

Stippled Mission Canisters Stippled Mission Coffee Stippled Mission Tea Stippled Mission Ringed Spice
  $45 - $55 $40 - $50 $20 - $25



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Mission Mug Style Salt & Pepper

A nice matching set around 4" tall that have original lids which screw on and off easily but do have some minor denting and one small flea bite on the lower rim.


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