Hoosier Cabinet Colonial Style Canisters

Colonial is the most commonly seen style of canister, used by almost all manufacturers at one time or another. There were many different variations in this style canister, some because of design changes and others due to how long the mold had been in use when a canister was produced (early runs with a new mold tended to have sharper lines). Colonial has 4 basic styles Early, Late, Ringed and Stippled Ringed and Script Colonial has either a ground or a rounded lip and also has some minor differences with the rounding at the top of the side panels. Stippled Colonial is basically a later Traditional Colonial with a rough texture over the entire surface of the glass.

Early Colonial

Early Colonial Canisters Early Colonial Coffee Early Colonial Tea Early Colonial Large Spice Early Colonial Small Spice
  $30 - $45 $25 - $35 $19 - $23 $15 - $19
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Early Colonial Tea

A nice early Colonial Tea jar with no chips or cracks and it's original lid which is in good condition. It does have the usual bubbles in the glass and one large one in the bottom which is not broken through and is totally sealed within the glass.

Item No. 1508




Later Colonial

Later Colonial Canisters Later Colonial Coffee Later Colonial Tea Later Colonial Ringed Spice 

$25 - $40

$25 - $35 $16 - $20
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Hoosier Saves steps

Hoosier Saves Steps Canisters Hoosier Saves Steps Coffee Hoosier Saves Steps Tea Hoosier Saves Steps Spice
  $65 - $140 $55 - $130 $30 - $70
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Script Colonial

Script Colonial Canisters Script Colonial Coffee Script Colonial Tea Script Colonial Spice 
  $55 - $85 $50 - $80  $40 -$85
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Stippled Ringed Colonial

Stippled Ringed Colonial Canisters With (reproduction) Rack 

(Individual Coffee, Tea and Spice jar availability may be limited)

Stippled Ringed Colonial Coffee Stippled Ringed Colonial Tea Stippled Ringed Colonial Spice


$55 - $65 $50 - $60 $22 - $25
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Ringed Colonial

Ringed Colonial Canisters With (reproduction) Rack 

(Individual Coffee, and Tea jar availability may be limited)

Ringed Colonial Coffee Ringed Colonial Tea Ringed Colonial Spice
$195 $50 - $60 $45 - $50 $17 - 20
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 Large Colonial Jars

9.5 inch Colonial Coffee

LargeColCoff9.5.jpg (42701 bytes)


$90 - $110

10 inch Colonial Coffee

Hoos10INCoffa.jpg (38577 bytes)


$95 -$115

Large Colonial Flour 

These flour jars are HUGE and are getting very hard to find. This one is offered as it was in this original ad from Sneath glass with a stand, lid and one cup flour sifter/scoop. The stand and lid are exact reproductions of originals and the flour sifter is an old one but I'm not sure that it's original to the jar. The lip of the jar was ground flat at the factory and has numerous small chips as well as one larger one above the embossed "Flour". This jar measures approximately 8" tall without the rack, the inside opening measures 5 3/4", it measures almost 32" around the widest part and the glass alone weighs almost 4 pounds.


Damaged Peacock Blue Cracker Jar


I normally wouldn't sell a jar like this but these are so rare that I figured someone may want it. This is what would be a beautiful Peacock Blue Cracker Jar if it weren't for the large crack that runs from the upper lip about half way down and over to one side where it spreads out slightly. The jar is still holding together and will work well as a display piece as long as the crack is turned to the back and the jar is filled with something. It also has one small area near the base where a small air bubble burst through the surface. It has the patent date embossed on the bottom and an original dated three footed rack along with it's original lid.




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