Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jars

All of the Sugar Jars listed on this page come with original lids and a tin scoop.


ZipperCracker.jpg (39599 bytes) Zipper Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar $90 - $165
ColonialCrackerJar.jpg (39062 bytes) Colonial Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar $90 - $140
2534AmberStippledColonialSugarA.jpg (35465 bytes) Amber Stippled Colonial Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar with Original Lid and Stand 

A very rare jar that is in excellent shape with only a piece of carbon that was embedded in the glass during the manufacturing process and some very minor scratches to report.

Item No. 2534

StippMissCrackerJar.jpg (39656 bytes) Stippled Mission Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar $145 -$190
TripSkipCrackerJar.jpg (39406 bytes) Sellers "S" Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar $85 - $115
NapMissSellStyleCracker.jpg (39813 bytes) Napanee Mission Style  Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar  $110
PlainCrackerJar.jpg (39385 bytes) Plain Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar (also available with a tilted base) $50 - $80
BabyCrackerJarTilt.jpg (39664 bytes) Baby Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar $55 - $80
StipBabyCracker.jpg (39891 bytes) Baby Stippled Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar Temporarily

Sold  Out

Deco "H" Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jar

In good shape with no chips or cracks. There is some roughness around the inside of the neck where the excess glass was broken off after being forced out of the mold. The original daisy lid has some surface corrosion but is solid with no holes and fits snugly.

Item No. 854

TinScoops.jpg (39290 bytes) Original Tin Scoops for Sugar/Cookie/Cracker Jars $15 - $20

Colonial Mission Zipper Triple Skip Napanee Other Canister Styles

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